Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Swan Energy Announces Update for Operations in McClain and Garvin Counties, Oklahoma

 Since 2008, Swan Energy,Inc., alongside and through their strategic partners and affiliates, has furthered its operations in McClain and Garvin Counties, Oklahoma with the launch of the Wildhorse Creek Joint Venture. In these two counties, Swan Energy has 23 wells producing and 3 well under completion.

Swan Energy with Joint Venture partners visiting McClain county wells

Brandon Davis, CEO of Swan Energy, Inc., states “We have the opportunity to continue our drilling program in Oklahoma in one of the most prolific producing areas of the mid-continent with an operator that has a wealth of experience in drilling over 40 wells in the immediate area.”

The 10 townships that Swan Energy is exploring have produced over 557 Million barrels of oil and the wells have averaged over 125,000 bbls of oil each.  Swan Energy’s Director of Exploration, John Herring, has stated, “Every prospect we drill has the potential to be a Bromide producer, which have averaged over 250,000 bbls of oil for each well.  Furthermore, there are many wells that have made in excess of 400,000 bbls of oil and plenty of wells that made over 1,000,000bbls of oil.”

Swan Energy is currently subscribing the Wildhorse Creek Joint Venture, which will consist of four wells in McClain and Garvin Counties, Oklahoma.  The first well drilled in this Joint Venture is currently under completion with the 3 remaining wells to begin drilling by the end of March.  While each well has primary target formation of the Bromides, the wells also have back up zones in the Hart Sands, Woodford Shale, Hunton Limestone, and Viola Limestone.

John Herring states, “All four prospects are modeled after our tried and true exploration method: drill in areas of proven production with all available offsets and seismic data to find the undrilled locations that are geologically correct for tapping large accumulations of oil.”

Swan Energy continues its long-term commitment to the exploration and production of proven oil and gas fields; specializing in the acquisition and development of domestic oil and natural gas fields in petroleum-rich areas across the United States.

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